Heat Networks (Metering and Billing) Regulations 2014: deadline looms for social housing landlords to comply

The 2014 Heat Network Regulations apply to all businesses and individuals that supply and charge for heating, cooling or hot water via a liquid distribution system. This includes all social housing landlords. AgilityEco is managing the compliance for a growing number of social housing landlords. If you think you need to comply, call us for advice now. The deadline for compliance is 31st December 2015 - there's not much time left.
By 31st December 2015: 

  • All heat suppliers must complete a notification and data collection exercise for the heat networks they operate for the National Measurement & Regulation Office (NMRO)

Where heat meters are deemed necessary, they must be installed by 31st December 2016. Compliance is mandatory for all communal or district heating networks in a commercial or residential setting. The process must be repeated every 4 years and organisations who fail to meet the deadline will be subject to a heavy fine.

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