ECO: Fully funded* Nest thermostats

Nest's simpler, more affordable smart 'Thermostat E' will help struggling households  to save around 10% on their energy bills

Nest and AgilityEco have partnered to make the Nest Thermostat E available at heavily discounted prices to programmes that support low income homes in the UK. Programmes aiming to reduce levels of fuel poverty and those providing energy efficiency measures to low income households in the UK qualify.

These include installations under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) programmes run by Local Authorities and Housing Associations. More information can be found here:

All qualifying purchases are available at a significantly reduced cost of £112 exc. VAT.  

ECO funding is available and, combined with the discounted offer from Nest, we expect to be able to fully fund* installation costs, where installed within an ECO qualifying private household or social housing properties with an EPC rating of E, F or G.  Contact us for more information.

AgilityEco will support all contractors to claim any associated ECO funding for qualifying installations which meet the requirements under ECO.

The Nest Thermostat E is very easy to install and compatible with most heating systems. There is no need to install a receiver on the boiler itself, the Nest heat link  included with the product simply replaces any existing room thermostat. Nest Thermostat E can be setup anywhere within the home.

Key features

  • Energy savings. The Nest Thermostat E helps to manage heating costs, saving an average of 10% on heating bills.
  • Boiler Plus Compliant. The product is already boiler plus compliant and meets the requirements under ECO.
  • Manual Control. The temperature can be controlled by simply rotating the screen.
  • Remote Control.  If the customer has a smart phone, they can download the Nest App and control the temperature directly from their phone.
  • Voice Control. If the customer has a home assistant such as “Google Home”, they can even control the temperature setting by voice.
  • No more programming. With the Nest Thermostat E, customers don't have to do a thing to keep their homes cosy. It comes with a schedule based on how families commonly heat their homes. It can also learn the temperatures they like and adjust to their lifestyle over time.
  • Heat Link E. The Heat Link E connects to the heating system and works with the Nest Thermostat E to turn on and off or modulate the heat. It can also sense the temperature in the room.

*Fully funded based on an installation within an ECO qualifying gas heated semi-detached house with no pre-existing programmer or room thermostat.
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