AgilityEco’s proposals to help the vulnerable and end fuel poverty by 2030.

Each year at AgilityEco we help tens of thousands of fuel poor and vulnerable households to reduce their energy bills and stay warm and well. We do this using funding from the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), Warm Home Discount (WHD), gas/electricity network operator grants and other sources. We work with a huge network of partners in the public, private and third sectors and together we have achieved much success.

Yet we believe much more must be done in public policy and in delivery if we are to meet the Government’s statutory target to ensure no fuel poor household lives in an inefficient home by 2030. New policies and more funding are required, but also innovative approaches and improved efficiency. We see a great opportunity for all agencies to “work smarter” to maximise our strengths, reduce waste and overcome barriers. AgilityEco has developed a unique approach that brings together: high quality vulnerable customer support, delivered at scale; funding and delivery of energy efficiency measures; and local partnerships with local authorities at the centre.

We make three proposals here which, taken together, will ensure the fuel poverty target is met and the most vulnerable in society are supported. Click on the image below to download From Obligation to Opportunity: AgilityEco's proposals to help the vulnerable and end fuel poverty by 2030