AgilityEco presents at Making Decarbonisation Fair: 1-4 March, 2021

Fuel Poverty Research Network (FPRN) conference  

On Thursday 4th March, the Fuel Poverty Research Network held its third ENGAGER network conference, bringing together people with a shared interest in energy, housing and fairness working in different sectors and across Europe, including high-profile speakers from research, Government, European institutions and consumer organisations, including AgilityEco.

The four day virtual event has focused on collaborative learning relating to ensuring fairness in the transition to decarbonised energy and housing systems. Richard Mellish, AgilityEco’s Policy Advisor was among a panel of experts considering some of the technical, commercial and social challenges associated with different approaches to decarbonisation.

Richard delivered some insights on the decarbonisation of heat – especially the role of time-of-use tariffs. Such innovation provides opportunities for households to lower their energy bills but without effective financial and other support for low income and vulnerable households they risk being left behind.

You can watch his presentation here.

In addition, Richard presented many of the arguments as outlined in our recent think piece Time Of Use Tariffs for Domestic Electricity and the Impact on Low Income and Vulnerable Households.

You can download the paper here.