We're delighted to present AgilityEco's Impact Report 2018-2019.

AgilityEco is now in its seventh year of operation. Our services have been continually evolving during this time, as we’ve broadened and deepened the support that we can offer to fuel poor and vulnerable people, enabling us to provide an increasingly holistic service.

This year we’ve also played an increasing role in putting the case forward to Government and regulators for deeper support to be made available to the fuel poor and vulnerable. We now occupy a unique position in this sector, offering a combination of low carbon, energy efficiency and vulnerable customer support programmes – and ensuring that every aspect is carefully managed, from design and funding through to mobilisation, delivery and reporting.

Through these initiatives we’ve helped over 40,000 households in need, installing nearly 94,000 energy efficiency measures and achieving £177 million worth of lifetime energy bill savings in 2018. Everything we do is delivered through local partnerships – our services are promoted and delivered working closely with local authorities, charities, supply chain partners and utility companies.

Thanks again to all of our partners for your continued support and dedication.

Download AgilityEco's Impact Report 2018-2019