Private Landlords

By installing energy efficiency measures, landlords can improve the Energy Performance Certificate rating and desirability of their housing stock for future residents whilst ensuring that tenants are warm, comfortable and paying less for their energy. Improving the energy efficiency of housing and building stock is increasingly becoming a legal requirement on both public and private sector landlords under legislation such as the Energy Act 2011 and the Home Energy Conservation Act 2013.

Making energy efficient changes to your property portfolio could help to: 

  • raise the value of your property stock
  • result in higher EPC ratings, which could make properties easier to let
  • result in lower energy bills for tenants and creating a warmer, healthier and more confortable home environment for them
  • reduce rent arrears and defaults
  • result in lower turnover of tenancies
  • result in landlords meeting energy and heating efficiency standards set for the landlord accreditation scheme
  • reduce levels of fuel poverty experienced by tenants
  • reduce incidences of condensation and dampness
  • reduce carbon dioxide emissions from properties.

Sources of support such as the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed in Tariffs are also available to enable landlords and tenants to enjoy the benefits of renewable energy generated on site.

We have the experience of having built and delivered some of the most successful energy efficiency programmes in the UK, including large-scale community refurbishment projects. With our deep knowledge of UK low carbon and energy efficiency policy, we are well-placed to advise landlords on the best solution for their programmes. We can provide help at any stage or manage your entire energy efficiency project.