AgilityEco introduces MyEcoHome - a new, easy-to-use portal for households to check if they qualify for ECO funding

New portal designed to be easily adopted and branded by local authority partners

AgilityEco is delighted to introduce its new online portal, MyEcoHome, a simple and easy-to-use website aimed at householders, support workers, councils and installers to check ECO eligibility quickly and reliably.

Supported by AgilityEco's award-winning LEAP service, the portal is directly linked to a reputable and well-established entity and offers a level of assurance that householders would not receive elsewhere.

The MyEcoHome portal asks a series of basic questions about household circumstances, tenure and property. The questions have been carefully formulated to remove the complexity and confusion that often surrounds ECO advice and provides a clear and secure customer journey to ensure all households can access the service.

The MyEcoHome portal can quickly ascertain if the applicant might be eligible to receive funding, or part-funding, for the energy efficiency measure they need and includes LA Flex screening questions.

Once the applicant has reached the final stages of the application process and is deemed likely to be eligible for ECO funding, the portal will prompt for applicant details to be entered. If more information is required (from a landlord, for example) the telephone support centre will discuss this with the landlord or resident concerned.

Customer records are analysed daily by the LEAP team who will then liaise with local partner installers to organise a survey and install the appropriate measure (boiler or insulation). AgilityEco organises the ECO funding through energy supply partners to maximise grant subsidies for the applicant.

Where an applicant is not eligible for funding, the LEAP team will explain the outcome to residents or landlords in detail. 

MyEcoHome offers the following benefits: 

  • it provides the most accurate and up-to-date advice, capturing complex ECO3 logic, backed by AgilityEco’s deep ECO knowledge
  • it can be council-branded to integrate seamlessly with council websites
  • it is fully supported by a dedicated MyEcoHome telephone support centre, with trained operatives to deal with ECO queries
  • it is built to the highest standards of data security and data protection and is fully GDPR compliant 
  • it uses clear, simple language to make it accessible to every household and is designed to WCAG 2.0 standards.

MyEcoHome is live now and AgilityEco invites its existing council partners to use the portal and signpost it ( through their council websites and other associated services. 

If you would like a demonstration and further information on developing a dedicated, council-branded portal with a bespoke URL, please contact us.